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Awakening of the taste
A morning of natural sophrology (a relaxation technique based on yoga) at la Pointe du Siège, Ouistreham, Normandy. La Pointe du Siège. have you heard of this place? Here’s an introduction: Review by Gwendoline BOURLIER Réf – Tourisme.fr – Parole d’Office du Tourisme  “You may well already be familiar with the long beach in Ouistreham Normandy and the lumps in its sand which are clues left by the little ones to where they’ve been making their sandcastles of all shapes and sizes. You probably don’t however have any idea that just a few more steps along the beach at la Pointe du Siège that the beach turns into something completely different taking you deep into nature. Let this wild and mysterious place guide you. After having enjoyed the unique atmosphere which emanates from the port among the boats, the fishermen, the sale of fresh fish, restaurants and inquisitive visitors. I go for a little walk to get deep into the heart of nature at la Pointe du Siège. Cradled by the shimmering waves, this area’s strip of sand, protected by the Coastal Conservatory shelters a rich variety of flora and fauna. It’s not unusual to come across plovers and little beach creatures. Walk a little to the south and relax along the footpaths between the sand dunes and saltmarshes. Here your only company will be the birds and rabbits making the most of their limitless playgrounds.  I often find myself face to face with wondrous plant species or at an out of sight pond, or even finding nests perched in the trees and I feel that I’ve somehow discovered la Pointe du Siège’s little secrets. I suggest you take your time especially making the most of the observatory’s height surrounded by vegetation and wonder at the breath-taking view across the Orne estuary and the Sallenelles Bay. You’ll keep with you as I have for a long time, happy memories of Mother Nature.”

Activity on site :

The Morning’s Activity

  • A walk enhanced by ‘dynamic relaxation’ (relaxing on the move) exercises as part of sophrology activities at the heart of nature.

The idea is to release the tensions related to stress and to regain energy while storing up positive feelings by connecting naturally to one’s senses.

A little time can be set aside to learn about the breathing technique known as ‘Cardiac coherence’ recommended by the French Cardiologist Federation as rule number one for fighting against the negative effects of stress on one’ health.

At the end of this half day, you’ll be capable the use the different techniques in your daily life without further need of assistance.

* A fun time with the ‘flavour discovery’ a blind taste test of local specialties using sophrology techniques.

Further information: no particular dress code required.

Sample Itinerary

Meeting and departure at 9 am from Ouistreham Thalassotherapy centre

9:00 to 9:30          Departure in the direction of La Pointe du Siège accompanied by the Sophrologist Marie-Catherine.

From 9:30 to 11:00 ‘Breathing nature’ at La Pointe du Siège

11:00 to 11:30 Break and return to the Thalassotherapy centre in Ouistreham.

11;30 to 12:00 Practising the ‘Cardiac Coherence’ breathing technique. On the beach or inside depending on weather conditions.

12:30 – 13:00 Fun ‘blind’ taste testing.

Welcome to Normandy

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Normandie > Ouistreham-Riva-Bella