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Awakening of the taste
With two hands

A taste of springtime
The Pays d’Auge is an oasis of green, sheltering at its heart an exceptionally rich botanical heritage. Several hundred different species of wild plants can be seen there, all enhancing its undergrowth, streams, marshes and lush green valleys.
With a botanist guide, you’ll discover a wide variety of plants, multi-faceted in taste and virtue, while walking through the heart of its best conserved nature that normally, only the truly observant hiker would notice.

Activity on site :

March and April is the ideal time to tantalise your tastebuds.
Come and taste (in moderation) young plantain leaves, ground elder and sea beet. Be tempted by a variety of edible plants and grasses such as cardamine hirsute, sisymbrium officinale and lapsana communis all bursting with flavour.
There’s a vast array of plants both at your feet and under your noses, for you to get your teeth stuck into with delicious gratins, soufflés, sorbets and salads of many varied flavours.

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