3 Days in Mont Saint Michel Bay

Normandie > Clerval 3 Days 115 £

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Mont St Michel needs to be seen in all its glory, from its very heart, by approaching the Bay, casually on foot or by taking one of our guided hikes.
You’ll find yourself in a place of wonder. In the heart of nature, you’ll quickly forget about the hustle and bustle of the city and discover silence or just the lapping of the waves at sea.
Day 1
You can arrive at the Manoir de Brion – Clerval Gîtes from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Make yourself at home then take to the nearby pathways to get some fresh air into your lungs and start to take some ‘me’ time.
If you are feeling a little peckish, you can make your own dinner if you are staying in the Gîte Guesthouse. If you are in the B&B, Gênets is not that far away. Just ask François, who will give you addresses of nearby good eateries.
Day 2
After a good night’s sleep and some breakfast, that has been lovingly prepared by François and Ana-Maria for all the participants of the activity, get your hiking gear on and join François for your day of hiking.
Day 3
You can choose to lounge about, relax, or go up to Avranches or Granville. It’s a little less far to go for a bike ride or why not just go where the bay takes you…
How about crossing the bay on horseback?
Village des Sens can organise a new activity for you upon request.
Just so you know, expect to take up to 5 hours for this activity. The cost is around 80 euros per person.



Activity on site :

Get ready for an experience of a lifetime!
Can you believe it… You’re going to hike across the Mont Saint Michel Bay, an ideal place for such hikes.
Experience the natural splendour of the Bay
Especially as you have everything on your doorstep. Indeed, François is a real connoisseur and an experienced regional guide.
You can take part in a guided tour depending on the season.
Explore the unique environment of the Mont St Michel Bay, its tides, flora and fauna, its history and traditional fishing ways…
If you choose to go there and back, you’ll need between 5 and 6 hours to hike.
Make sure to bring along a bottle of water and your picnic in a backpack and maybe even a towel and/ or a windbreaker.

Accommodation & Rates :


Bed & Breakfast

For two people, the Chausey and Tombelaine rooms are ready to welcome you in.

If you are travelling with one or two children, up to 2 extra beds can be added.

Gîte Guesthouse

If you are 4 people, with friends or with family, the Clerval and Hortensias houses are made just for you

Hortensias Gîte Guesthouse

Clerval Gîte Guesthouse

Tariff proposal :


Chausey Room

Based on 2 people                                                                                          132 € /person

– 2 nights

– Bay Crossing

With 1 extra bed with the Crossing                                                               108 €/person

Without the Crossing                                          98 €/person

With 2 extra beds with the Crossing                                                              95 €/person

Without the Crossing                                         82 €/person


Tombelaine Room

Based on 2 people                                                                                         155 €/person

– 2 nights

– Bay Crossing

With 1 extra bed with the Crossing                                                               122 €/person

Without the Crossing                                          114 €/person

With 2 extra beds with the Crossing                                                              106 €/person

Without the Crossing                                        94 €/person


Clerval House/ Hortensias House     

Based on 3 people                                                                                          129 €/person

– 2 nights

– Bay Crossing

 Clerval House/ Hortensias House                                                                 

Based on 4 people                                                                                          104 €/person

– 2 nights

– Bay Crossing

For the Gîtes Guesthouse

Deposit (refundable) 100 €

* Cleaning included

* Option to rent sheets (ready made-up beds) and bath towels 10 € per person

* Use of washing machine option 10 €

* Breakfast in the house option € 7 per person

 Prices do not include:

– Transport

– Lunch or dinner

– Sightseeing to nearby places

– Insurance

Just contact us to find out about available activities or any extra visits

Localisation :

Normandie > Clerval