3 Days in the heart of the beautiful green Norman bocage pasturelands

Normandie > St Vigor des Monts 3 Days 132 £

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With two hands

Rustic Basket Weaving

3 Days in the heart of the beautiful green Norman bocage pasturelands

Length of stay                                                        3 days 2 nights

Location                                                                   St Vigor des Monts

Accommodation location                                      Courson

Type of Accommodation                                      Bed and Breakfast – Le Relais Postal


Price per person                                                     150 €

Based on 2 people

Which one to choose? Calvados or the Manche in Lower Normandy, that is the question!


You will arrive in the Vire Bocage hedgerow-bordered pastureland from the Calvados side, discovering the river Vire Valley, with its lovely hamlets co-existing in harmony with nature. From the Manche side, the landscape is truly unique.


“Coexisting in harmony with nature,” that’s exactly what you’ll do during your stay. You’ll be able to spend time looking at hedgerows, seeking out the best branches from the hazelnut trees, picking wicker and brambles and bit by bit you’ll give shape to this wonderful gift from Nature.


Not to mention your accommodation on your journey through the Normandy countryside, you’ll be spoilt by the wealth of colourful touches, just for you to enjoy.


Activity on site :

Day 1

You can arrive on Thursday from 5 p.m. at your accommodation, Le Relais Postal

Once settled in, make sure you relax. Depending on the season why not enjoy the wonderful garden while you wait for dinner.

If you’d rather work up an appetite, take a stroll in the wooded heathland up to the viewing area that offers a breath-taking view over the Drôme valley (a tributary of the river Vire).

Here you’re just above the village of Saint Vigor des Monts, and from here you’ll really have the best view over the landscape that will be your home for the next 2 days.

You can also reach the lovely village of Saint-Martin Monbray

Day 2

After a good quiet night’s sleep…

Wake up, Pierrick will be ready and waiting for you!

Day 3

And your masterpiece is born!  Good luck


And we’re off for two days!  9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. 

Making your wicker basket begins with a walk along the hedges and bushes

We then use our imagination, we envisage our basket and a knife does the rest for us … well… almost!

 On this 2 day course, you will make your basket “on hoops” a once widely used technique by country folk for making baskets, “that can be used for anything”!

First of all, a little theory:

– A presentation of different existing wickerwork techniques

For the second step:

–  Harvesting the materials needed to make wicker baskets.


You’ll learn how to prepare, bend, assemble and weave fresh wicker and the various wild plants that nature supplies.

You’ll need the second day to shape the basket.

Proud of what you’ve achieved, you’ll leave with your finished basket! or almost, depending on how well you did…

Don’t forget to take your technical document with you on “basket weaving on hoops”


Here are some examples of baskets made “on hoops”

made by Pierrick



Examples of baskets made by participants in previous courses


Accommodation & Rates :



The large dining room


In guesthouse rooms

If you are 2, 3 4 people


Tariff proposal :


 Single room                                                                                                    220 €/pers

– 2 nights in guesthouse room

with breakfast

– 1 activity on the farm


Based on 2 people                                                                                          150 € /pers

– 2 nights in guesthouse room

with breakfast

– 2 activities on the farm


Based on 3   people                                                                                        180 €/pers


– 2 nights in guesthouse room

with breakfast

– 3 activities on the farm


Based on  4   people                                                                                       175 €/pers


– 2 nights in guesthouse room

with breakfast

– 4 activities on the farm


Prices do not include

– Transport

– Lunch or dinner

– Sightseeing to nearby places

– Insurance


Just contact us to find out more about available activities or extra visits


Did you enjoy your stay?


How about finding out about the introduction of the spiral basket weaving technique. A true leap back into in prehistory discovering and practising the oldest basket weaving technique known today, a straw and bramble basket.


Localisation :

Normandie > St Vigor des Monts