3 days surrounded by nature at a Normandy farmhouse

Normandie > Douville en Auge 3 days 118 £

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With two hands

3 days surrounded by nature at a Normandy farmhouse, learning to milk cows.

Le Lieu Roussel


Located in Normandy in central Pays d’Auge, this farm is nestled in Douville en Auge. Being both near to the coast and the countryside, the farm is still every bit as authentic as it once was and offers visitors all its farming know-how in a friendly setting.

Its educational reputation offers you more than merely a visit, it gives real contact with donkeys, sheep, pigs, dairy or livestock cows, calves, goats, poultry and rabbits.

Day 1

You can arrive from 4 p.m.

Take a little trip to the farm to “stretch” your legs.

There’s nothing like a walk in the orchard to get your appetite going.

Day 2

After a good quiet night’s sleep…

Wake up early in the morning and take in a breath of fresh air!!

Day 3

You’ll be leaving between 10 a.m. and 12 midday.

Don’t leave without dropping into Régine the farmer’s wife’s boutique to sample her wares. Why not take some of the Lieu Roussel farm’s local products home with you.

Activity on site :

Activity included

The cows won’t wait for you … Wearing overalls and a pair of safety boots, you’ll go out with farmer Eric to milk the cows by hand, in one of the fields full of lovely Norman cows. Don’t forget the bucket and milking stool!

This is an opportunity to really get stuck in, remember to feed the calves, sheep, pigs …

There’s nothing like a serving of a bowl of warm milk fresh from the cow.

Simply contact us to find out more about available activities or extra visits.

Accommodation & Rates :


If you are 2, 3 or 4 people:

Bed & Breakfast

If you are 6 up to 11/13 people:

Gîte / Guesthouse

Tariff proposal :


Based on 2 people                                                                                          135 € /person

– 2 nights Bed & Breakfast

– Activity on the farm

Based on 3 people                                                                                          108 €/person

– 2 nights Bed & Breakfast

– Activity on the farm

Based on 4 people                                                                                           94 €/person

– 2 nights Bed & Breakfast

– Activity on the farm

Based on 6 people in the Guesthouse                                                             120 €/person

The guesthouse can accommodate up to 11/13 people

– 2 nights in Guesthouse

– Activity on the farm

Heating                                                                                                            8 €

Rental of bedding sheets                                                                                 8 €

Breakfast                                                                                                         6 €

Prices do not include:

– Transport

– Lunch or dinner

– Sightseeing to nearby places

– Insurance

Localisation :

Normandie > Douville en Auge