Our concept Who are we ? Codes of ethics

Our concept

Traveling differently … Ingredients:

An experiment :With the seasons, choose what meaning you want to reveal.

Accommodation : unusual (Yurt, tipi, tent, caravan, cottage, caravan, tree house) or in gites or guest rooms.

A place : In the nature, in the countryside, close to the sea.

  • By day for an excursion,
  • In short stays for a weekend of two days, or even 3
  • In longer stays per week,
  • Individual, couple, friends, family,

This tourism is aimed at people who feel the need to breathe, to recharge, to discover themselves. The aim is to offer holidaymakers the opportunity to experience rest periods in a dynamic of enlightenment.

Being an actor of his holidays combining moments of know-how and know-how. The whole sprinkled largely of conviviality, exchanges, meetings with in mind the protection of the environment!

The main idea is to find yourself with oneself through various activities that bring serenity, calmness in mind and movement in the body.


Who are we ?

Le Village des Sens and Marie-Christine

A great team was born to create a travel agency to “Travel differently”.

The Village des Sens is the result: offering a range of breaks, days, trips and activities in both Normandy and in England all related to our senses: hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell.

Marie-Christine is the seed of this idea with her respect of Nature, Serenity, Creativity and she always is in search of living life to the fully!


Code of ethics

The Village des Sens in a quality approach

Aware of climate change, implementation of means for the protection of the atmosphere.
Proposal: Use of the bike during stays, days and activities whenever possible.

To satisfy the essential needs of the person, to ensure the well-being and development of people.
Proposal: awaken the sensory approach of life.

Promoting responsible production and responsible consumption.
Proposal: consumption of local products, products of proximity.

Preserve biodiversity and protect resources and environments.
Proposal: awareness and education for environmental citizenship.

Focus on social cohesion and solidarity between generations and / or between territories.
Proposal: Creation of a network, cooperation and mutualisation among all actors.